TLGC Membership Benefits


  • An applicant will be given a gate code once approved at the monthly meeting and background check approved. 
  • The gate code will allow access during regular shooting times and events.
  • Some events or reservations may close parts of the range for use, please check the event calendar.
  • Probationary members may bring immediate family members only to shoot at the club under their supervision as the range officer.
  • Probationary members cannot bring other non-members to the club.


  • Probationary members in good standing will be eligible for full time members after 1 year membership. 
  • Full time members may obtain a clubhouse key, see club officers for this information.
  • Full time members have access to club equipment (throwers, mowers, golf cart, etc.).
  • Full time members may schedule events, run events, and serve as range officers for non-members.
  • Full time members may bring their family or guests to shoot at the club under their supervision as the range officer.


Instructions for Membership Application

Applicant Checklist:

  • Clearly fill out the application form and waiver and sign the front.  
  • Be sure to sign the back side (WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT).  Note that you must have a witness sign the form as well.  This could be your sponsor, the range safety instructor, or other active members.
  • You must furnish a copy of your official State ID. A background check will be performed.
  • You must take the range safety course. It will be given when you turn in or complete your membership application.
  • The club house is open Sundays from 9am to 1pm or Tuesdays after 4:30pm, during which time you can take the range safety course. If you are unable to come at these times, you may contact the TLGC Secretary to set up an alternate time.  

Sponsor Checklist:

  • Sponsor (an active TLGC member) sign and date the front bottom of the form. 
  • Sponsor must verify that the applicant has taken the range safety course and verify that the range safety course instructor has signed the application. Sponsor can give the range safety course and sign this section.
  • Sponsor must verify that the (WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT) witness section has been signed.
  • Sponsor must verify that the applicant has provided a copy of their official State ID.

Your application will be delayed if all tasks are not complete!

Deliver the form by mail or hand delivery to TLGC with the appropriate fees. If your application is denied, the dues portion of the funds will be returned. The application fee is non-refundable.

You are highly encouraged to attend the monthly meeting when your application will be presented to the active membership for approval (first monthly meeting following application submittal). If you are unable to attend, your sponsor must be present to allow your application to come up for a vote.

After approval, a TLGC officer will send a probationary membership card with an information letter.

New members are voted in at the monthly meeting held at 9:30am on the first Sunday of the month unless it falls on a holiday. See the Events page for the next meeting.

Download Membership Application and Instructions

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